sábado, 17 de setembro de 2011

JOHN LENNON - IMAGINE (letra e música)

C                              C7+      F            C                     C7+  F
    Imagine there´s no heaven          It´s easy if you try
C               C7+       F          C                   C7+    F
    No hell bellow us             Above us only sky
F                 C/E             Dm7   F     G                  G7 
    Imagine all the people              Living for today
C                               C7+       F            C                       C7+  F 
    Imagine there´s no countries          It isn´t hard to do
C                            C7+   F         C                       C7+   F
    Nothing to kill or die for        And no religion too
F                 C/E             Dm7   F      G                      G7
    Imagine all the people              Living life in peace
    F                    G           C           C7+ E E7     F                G                    C  C7+ E E7
         You may say I´m dreamer                       But I´m not the only one
    F                         G                C     C7+ E E7   F                G                C
         I hope someday you´ll join us                 And the world will be as one
C                       C7+     F            C                         C7+  F 
    Imagine no possessions         I wonder if you can
C                                   C7+      F        C                             C7+   F
    No need for greed or hunger         A brotherhood of man
F                 C/E             Dm7   F      G                            G7
    Imagine all the people              Sharing all the world

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